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Greenhills Summer Camp has a reputation to be proud of. It is one of the longest running Summer Camps in Ireland and has been built up over the last 3 decades. We are a family run business ran by Husband and Wife Colm Hanlon & Nikki with their 3 children attending camp joining in on the fun.

The camp is suitable for boys and girls from their 2nd year of ECCE scheme up to First Class (children must toilet trained) and from Second Class to Fifth Class.  Each year we update our activities to ensure your child can participate in unique, sensational and exciting activities. Should your children attend we will endeavour to give them an enjoyable week to remember, offer parents great value for money in the safe, secure and pleasant surroundings of Our Lady’s College, Greenhills, Drogheda.

The safety and happiness of each child is of the utmost importance. The sad goodbyes to new friends and to staff each Friday evening is a testament to the happy experience of each child. In the event of any problems arising, camp directors, are always available on (083) 1562399. In this way, any little worries are quickly resolved.

If you are new to Summer Camps, ask around and get the opinions of those children who have attended previously, or you are welcome to call (083) 1562399 with any queries.

The camp takes place at Our Lady’s College Greenhills, Drogheda during July.  Each course lasts for ONE WEEK, Monday to Friday 10 am – 3 pm and FIVE one week courses are available to choose from.


25245 Greenhills Summer Camp 06
Boys and girls from Drogheda and the surrounding areas attend the Sports Camp. Children who have come on previous years bring back the younger members of their family or friends and neighbours. It is usual now for a friend or cousin from another part of the country to come to Summer Camp in Drogheda for a week’s holiday – what a nice way to entertain a friend or relative without having them under your feet! NOW is the time to organise. We also cater for foreign students who come to improve their english language skills.


We realise that younger children take longer to settle down and parents are often worried that they will not manage.
However we give a lot of initial time towards developing and fostering positive social interaction between children and also between children and their teachers. ‘Teething’ problems are soon ironed out in this way.

WHAT ABOUT THE SHY CHILDREN?25245 Greenhills Summer Camp 06

If your children are coming with friends of their own age we keep them in the same group. If they are coming on their own there is no need to feel afraid. We try to provide a friendly atmosphere and children make friends very quickly. Many children on previous courses have made new friendships and come to Greenhills on future courses together.


Runners and Sportswear. Towel and a change of clothing for water games. A packed lunch, lots of drinks. Suncream and a hat for hot sunny days. Your child will be told on the previous day what, if any change is needed for the following day.


Greenhills Summer Sports Camp is well recognised as the leading summer camp in the area. Each year, parents and children write to us to express their satisfaction with the camp. The children are introduced to a wide range of sports, music, art, entertainment and much more under well organised and enjoyable conditions.


BUS RUNNING FROM DEEPFORDE & BRYANSTOWN TO GREENHILLS DAILY @ 9:30am every morning. There will be a return bus running from Greenhills to Bryanstown & Deepforde.

Morning: The bus will pick up at Deepforde bus stop at 10am and St Mary’s Parish Primary School at 10:05am. 

Afternoon: The bus will then drop off at St Mary’s Parish Primary School at 3:40pm and  Deepforde  bus stop at 3:45pm.

*****The bus will cost €15 per week for one child and €10 per week for each sibling ***** Could you please have your child/ren’s name on an envelope and give it to the teacher on the bus.***

Please WhatsApp Colm on 0831562399 if you have any further information.


1)Children must be collected and dropped off at the times above in order for this bus to run smoothly.
2)Any misbehaviour on the bus will result in your child’s place been cancelled for the bus.
3)The bus will be supervised by one of our teachers. No form of bad language is allowed.
4)No eating or drinking is allowed on the bus.
5) The bus will not wait around for anyone due to two collection points and the camp timings.

Collection in the morning at Deepforde
Dropoff in the afternoon at Deepforde
Collection in the morning at St Mary’s Parish Primary School and Dropoff at the same spot in the afternoon.